Viberg Boots

We carry Viberg and Viberg Stompers in-store but due to changes in Viberg policy we are no longer able to display or sell them on our website.

Here are links to boots on Viberg's website that we also carry in our store:

Viberg 155 Smoke Jumper

Viberg 200 Woodsman caulk boot

Viberg 200X CSA Steel Toe Woodsman caulk boot

Viberg 6" Regina # 336

Viberg 45 Hunter

Viberg 45X CSA

Stompers 6” Raindance # 346 CSA

Stompers 8” Raindance # 348 CSA

Stompers 9” Redwood ironworker # 554 CSA

Stompers 8” Kelsey #648 CSA

Stompers 9" Kootenay # 649 CSA

Please email, call us at 1-800-809-9339, or visit our store at 1080B Victoria St. in Prince George, BC Canada for availability and information.