Olang women's Nora OC nero

       Olang Technology
  • Italian design and manufactured in Romania by a specialized adult workforce
  • Designed to increase grip on snow and ice
  • Lining is enhanced with breathable insulating OLANTEX film
  • Robust zipper with a bellow stopping the intrusion of snow
  • Multilayer material innersole with insulating and reflective aluminium film
  • Multilayer adjustment innersole made of 90% wool with insulating and reflective aluminium film
  • Italian sole with built-in swiveling and folding Oc System® with flow channel
  • Interior molding made of polyurethane during the production phase of the monobloc ensuring a proper insulations of the foot (international patent)
  • Rubber welt connecting the OC System® sole to the boot
  • Comfort zone up to -30C

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