Xsensible women's Jersey 30042.3.130 GX white/chrome

Elegant and stylish! This slim-cut lace-up shoe comes in five different colours and is ideal for wearing with jeans, Bermuda shorts or a summer dress. The side zip means you can slip the shoes on and off in a flash, and the stretch leather around the forefoot and the sole featuring Stretchwalker balance technology ensure supreme comfort. This is absolutely something for you.

Xsensible Stretchwalker® was developed in Japan. The country that has for centuries honored the traditions and knowledge for ensuring a right balance between body and spirit. The shoe ensures a natural body posture, putting less stress on joints. The Xsensible Stretchwalker® is the ideal shoe for people who have problems walking, sensitive feet or pain in the knee, hip or lower back. XsensibleStretchwalker® is the solution!

  • Bi-stretch leather
  • Ergonomically designed -Shock absorber Stretchwalker® sole
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Freedom of movement
  • Water Repellent
  • Removable Insoles
  • Made in Portugal 

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